Hi I’m Steve, an experienced UX developer and novice in UI design.
I've been coding for over 18 years, focused on UX for the past 8 and learning UI design over the past couple of months. Let's make something awesome together!
My work and process
Various projects (unfortunately can't share details on) and process flow
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About me, maybe too much...
I'm a husband, dad, car guy, handy-ish man and pretty creative.

We moved to the Atlanta area from West Palm Beach, FL back in 2014 (north OTP for my locals) and absolutely love it here. We love to go out and enjoy nature (we need to do this more honestly). I love to play games with my family (board, card and video). I love working with my hands and organizing, this is how I gravitated to the front-end/UX side of things. Now I'm taking that passion and learning about the UI design side of it all.

I started as a web developer over 18 years ago and moved my focused to UX about 8 years ago after reading a few articles explaining how the user is one of the main, if not only, reasons for design and layout. I'm fascinated with data and statistics and have worked for companies that have exposed me to a lot of it. I really enjoy making things pretty and learning about new and cleaner ways to do that in code and design.

It's great learning about various kinds of users and what makes them tick. Then taking that information to rest of the teams and talking about them like they're part of the project really helps to get everyone in the same mindset to create something amazing!

I'm a team player, by every definition of the word. I thrive off of everyone's contributions and feedback. Face to face is my preferred method, but can appreciate a good IM or email convo as well.

I'm an early riser, with a cup of coffee and music. I'm pretty a funny guy, but can turn that on and off as work/surroundings dictate. I love a good movie quote and if you guess the movie, you win! I also spend a decent amount of time creating. Whether it be drawing, painting or making something for my garage.

A good friend once described me as "a light switch". I'm on or off. When it comes to what I do, I'm on. I'm very passionate about my work and field. I really do love what I do.

Skills & Things
Web & Mobile HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Accessibility, SCSS, Xamarin Forms (XAML)
UX and Planning Wireframes, Workflows, Invision Freehand, Communication
Skills I'm novice at and/or working on UI Design (Sketch and Adobe), SQL, MySql
UI/UX Trends and Fads I enjoy reading various blogs and articles and seeing what the trends and fads are. It's good to see where design goes and to see what has the potential to become a standard. Mentoring I try to make sure I'm always working with a junior or up and coming developer. Mentoring is very important to me since that's how I was able to get as far as I did. I will always be paying that forward.
Stuff I like and do
I love spending time with family, drawing, taking photos, making things, playing all kinds of games and cars.