More Stuff I like and do
More of the things that keep me sane, creating and discovering.
I've always loved drawing, taking photos and working with my hands. Here's a few recent things I've done.
I've been into cars since I was 19. Started with lowrider pickups, moved into imports and got into drag racing. Raced for years until I had kids and then life took over. I still tinker with cars and have done almost any/everything to a car. One of the few interests and skills that still shock fellow tech nerds. :)
I've loved all kinds of games and competition for that matter from an early age. I've played a plethora of various PC, board and card games in my days, but here's what I'm actively playing with friends and family.
I love ping pong, haven't played in ages, but I love it.
    Board Games
  • Pandemic (eerily fitting/scary)
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Qwerkle
  • Solar Quest
    Video Games
  • Minecraft (We have a family Realm - very fun)
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Any first person shooter (on hold -- Req a PC upgrade)
    Card Games
  • Magic the Gathering - EDH/Limited
  • Poker - Texas Hold'em
  • Sushi Go